I am the mother of two terrific kids, a son who is almost 3 years old and a daughter of 3 months. My son has multiple food allergies, as well as a number of non-food allergies and sensitivities. The months and years before we got these triggers under control were extremely difficult and stressful, but were alleviated somewhat when I came into contact with other parents dealing with similar issues. Before that time I had spent many hours searching the internet for information and support that was difficult to find, or lacked relevance for us. Many of the sites I searched originated in the States, and I was seeking networks within Canada. This blog came into being as an attempt to offer insight, information, and community to other families working their way through the process of identifying the cause of their children’s symptoms, and to those living with life threatening allergies as a part of their daily lives.

My intention is that the site will evolve over time to include topics other than allergic living. Kids with allergies are, after all, just kids. Parenting them is more challenging in some ways, but on the whole is just like the learning curve involved in parenting any child. Keeping it real for them involves treating them as we would any other kid, while managing the issues that must be managed for the sake of their health.

NOTE: Although my own life is an open book, in the interest of my children’s privacy I have not revealed the name of the town that we live in. (suffice to say we live in a rural region of Central Ontario.) The long-term plans for this site include creating an ‘informational hub’ for allergic kids and their families, along with a social network. Members of that network will be able to reveal as much information about themselves as they wish, and at that time I will reevaluate how much information to provide about our family.

Gabriel’s Story

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