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SISU Dophilus Chewable tablets recalled

SISU has issued a voluntary recall of their Dophilus Chewable tablets, due to trace amounts of dairy in what is incorrectly labeled as a dairy-free product. One person has already declared an adverse reaction to these tablets, and others with milk allergy are advised to stop taking the product and to return it to the […]


Allergy Free Birthday Cake

Gabriel turned three last Friday. (Happy Birthday, Little Man!!) As ever, I found myself trying to figure out how best to create a nice birthday cake for him without using wheat, eggs, dairy, banana (and a few other things besides), while still creating a cake that is tasty to the rest of the folks who […]

Allergy Buttons

Allergy Buttons

¬† These are kind of cool…tiny little buttons that you could attach to your child’s cap or shirt, indicating which foods should be avoided. A variety of buttons to choose from.

"Child's Food Allergies Take Toll on Family Plans"...Well, DUH!

“Child’s Food Allergies Take Toll on Family Plans”…Well, DUH!

n a March 15, 2009 news release from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, two studies were introduced in advance of their presentation at the Academy’s upcoming Annual Meeting. These studies were about the toll that children’s food allergies could take on their families.

When other people Just Don't Get It...

When other people Just Don’t Get It…

For the majority of people not living with allergic kids, the concept that a child could get very sick or even die from their allergies is foreign at best. They may understand on an intellectual level, have seen it on the news, heard about it from others, but only have the vaguest understanding of what […]

Food Content Alerts

Now this is nifty! This site allows users to create a free account, then set up lists of “safe” foods, which will then help to generate recipes and shopping lists that are safe for their particular needs. Especially for those of us dealing with multiple food allergies, this is a pretty cool resource. You can […]

Safe AND effective sunscreen for your whole family

When you have allergic kids, especially ones with ongoing skin conditions like eczema, you tend to become a little paranoid about which products you put on their skin. My son is a true redhead, with beautiful red-gold locks, blue eyes and alabaster skin – skin that burns faster than you can say “SPF 30”! So […]

Germ factories: to avoid or not to avoid, that is the question…

The Wee Lad has been sick since Thursday. Just a cold, which started out as not much more than a sniffle. He seems more-or-less fine in the daytime – cheerful and playful as ever, if a little stuffy – but at night, getting to sleep and staying asleep is tricky for a little guy whose […]

Allergen-free cooking

When you have a kid with multiple food allergies to cook for, most recipes become an exercise in substitution! And many recipes – particularly baked goods – don’t lend themselves well to this, especially when you need to eliminate all wheat, egg and dairy, for starters. There are lots of books out there for allergen-free […]

Staph Infections and Allergy – a cause and effect relationship?

I found this study very interesting. My son was diagnosed early on with a¬†staphylococcus aureus infection, and we were never entirely sure if it came before his fight with severe atopic dermatitis (eczema), or as a result of it. My theory is that we brought it home with us from the hospital where he was […]